OPTUS is a customizable telehealth platform that allows providers and payers to consult online, manage patients, and analyze data.

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What issues does your organization face?

  • Financial
  • Qualitative
  • Operational
  • Today's medical providers and payers struggle to contain costs and generate revenue, while sustaining the vital quality of care.

    Through OPTUS, clients can reduce costly ER-visits and readmissions with improved discharge planning and access to doctors.

  • Healthcare is a dynamic, often hectic environment. This can make maintaining positive patient outcomes and satisfaction difficult.

    OPTUS allows your organization to leverage online consultations and clinical data to improve continuity of care and quality outcomes.

  • Players in the healthcare arena face intense pressure to improve performance and establish a firm position in the market.

    OPTUS alleviates these hurdles by expanding reach to new patients with minimal effort. Additionally, OPTUS helps optimize revenue and operations by yielding pertinent data.

Easy to implement. Easy to use.

At OPTUS we have the user in mind. Be it a doctor, manager or patient, our platform is easy to use for everyone. All you need is a computer, smartphone or tablet.


A powerful suite of customizable features

Choose from a wide range of features to tailor a unique solution that meets your organization’s needs and requirements.

OPTUS can help increase revenue

Select your organization's annual patient load:

99 more patients
67 in additional revenue
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Led by an experienced team

OPTUS is managed by a team of experienced healthcare entrepreneurs, dedicated to help improve your organization’s output and overall performance.